The Xbox is showing error codes on screen. Can the Xbox be repaired?

Microsoft has incorporated these error codes into the Xbox system to help identify problems. Some of these errors can be corrected. Games repairer provides specialized XBOX repair services. If you encounter any XBOX problems just give us a call or walk-in directly for more details. You can reach us on 0161 789 33 55

What if my game device cannot be fixed or I select not to continue with repair after getting estimate?

If your game device is determined to be unrepairable or you don’t wish to stay with repair, you can either pay the return shipping fee plus consultation fee or have device returned or you can request that the device be rejected or recycled.

A game/movie is stuck in the Xbox DVD tray. How can this be fixed?

The problem can be both with the gear that opens the tray or the DVD drive. Try to get the disk out by using a paper clip in the gap above the eject button in the front of the Xbox. This will hopefully move the tray gear enough for it to gently slide it open. If your unable to fix the problem you can reach us on 0161 789 33 55

Do you warranty your Repairs?
We Provide 3 months warranty for all game devices services and repairs

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